Direct Loads

A dedicated service from our Customers premises to delivery point – the consignment remains in direct transit.

In-house Service

The preparation and packaging of goods on site, reducing workload for our clients.

In-house Freight Management Package – At extra charge

First Freight Couriers have a Freight Management software package available, which we will install onto our customers computer, as well as providing training at no extra charge.

This package can offer the following services;

In house preparation of waybills, ready for distribution.
Billing Information.
Proof of delivery information.
Statistical information by the clients, region and cost centres.
Various management reports.
Printing of waybills and stickers.
Service options and comparative prices.
Manifesting facilities – with or without costs.
Provides daily costs per shipment dispatched.
We are also able to offer an In-house operator, i.e. placing personnel employed by First Freight Couriers to manage and operate the In-house system, as well as assisting with the following-up of consignments. This is depending on the size of the operation and distribution, as well as expenditure. This will add value to our customer’s warehouse operation.

Freight Analysis

We have a system which allows us to analyze your current courier accounts, review systems and supply solutions. We are able to provide you with extra costs, as a direct comparison to your current invoices – to enable our customers to plan and understand exactly how our billing and invoice system works.