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Future Approach


Offering value added solutions involves undisputed service levels, competitive pricing, company culture (enthusiasm), and passion to continuously strive for better more streamlined solutions. We believe we have been able to intertwine these necessities, and create a medium which epitomizes added value.

First Freight Couriers approach to the domestic infrastructure is unique in that we have moved away from the traditional network structure to ensure that we offer flexibility in an ever changing market.

We are continually concentrating on developing and implementing systems to suit an ever-changing market, as well as offering our customers a flexible, cost effective service.

We maintain a personalised, flexible approach, instead of offering the conventional distribution approach of a large operation that requires bulk freight movement to flow through a rigid freight system-offering no flexibility. We instead offer different services and we will charge the Customers according to their individual needs and requirements.

At First Freight Couriers (Pty) Ltd we believe that offering an exceptional service is not enough, as the future lies in Information Technology. The information that we are able to supply cannot only add value for future developments in the distribution system, but can be used to gain competitive advantage when strategizing for the future.